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The Palau Macaya and the arts of Modernisme

The Cultural Centre of the Casa-Palau Macaya, an architectural treasure of Catalan Modernisme, was the first site of the ”la Caixa” Foundation's Cultural Centre, thereby becoming the embryo of today's CaixaForum centres in the country's major towns and cities.

The Palau Macaya and the arts of Modernisme

This exhibition is based on four sections with audiovisuals explaining Modernisme as a movement that influenced the whole of Europe and in particular its repercussions for Barcelona and the Palau Macaya.

Modernisme is an eminently urban artistic movement. Although it goes by different names in different countries, almost all refer to the desire to break with tradition or renovate: the desire to reinterpret history. Some of its most characteristic traits are the use of traditional skills and a fascination for places that were considered distant and exotic at the time. Between the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th, a new, groundbreaking style spread throughout Europe, announcing a change in society and art: Art Nouveau or Modernisme. Barcelona became an icon for these new trends.

Puig i Cadafalch: a man of his time

Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the architect behind the Palau Macaya, is one of the great figures of 20TH century Catalonia. Fundamental for Catalan Modernisme together with Gaudí and Domènech i Montaner, he was also hugely committed to society and politics.

The Palau Macaya: past and future

Like many other Modernista buildings, the Palau Macaya has changed hands and functions over the years, going from a family home to a centre for thought.

The new facilities of the Palau Macaya were opened on 23 October 2012, becoming a centre for thought and debate, furthering knowledge and intellectual reflection, as well as being a flagship for ”la Caixa” Foundation's commitment to sustainability and human development.

Today the Palau Macaya works to encourage collaborations and synergies between people, organisations, companies and government to foster a transfer of knowledge and experiences between all of them, as well as generating new knowledge and innovative models that further the progress of society.

The Palau Macaya has over one hundred years of history, with a host of secrets and curious facts.

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