Empresa & Clima

A not-for-profit organization which works for leadership and business commitment in the fight against climate change.

Fundación Empresa & Clima

    FEC offers support to all business in any sector and of any size, so that they have information and suitable tools to face the commitments and challenges presented by climate change and sustainability:

    • By identifying and developing business opportunities deriving from the fight against climate change.

    • By spreading information, through projects, of good business practice aimed at mitigating climate change and adapting to it.

    • By motivating businesses and creating opportunities to innovate and generate profit through sustainable products and services.

    • By developing guidelines and programmes to guide the necessary business actions to improve efficiency in the reduction of emissions.

    • By serving as a forum for debate and a meeting-place for the business world, providing information and multidisciplinary advising.

    • By being present at climate negotiations as United Nations observers, accrediting and accompanying them.