Conservation of Natural Spaces and Social Rehabilitation

The conservation and improvement of our protected natural areas, helping people at risk of social exclusion to find employment.


    1. We help those at risk of marginalisation to find employment and their place in society.

    2. We support the conservation and protection of natural areas that are particularly valuable for our country.

    3. We strengthen the economic fabric and promote vocational training for the local population in the municipalities where these natural areas are located.


    For the whole of society because we all benefit from preserving the environment.  Our programmes also help those at risk of marginalisation to get back into employment, such as the disabled, current and former inmates, recovering drug addicts, immigrants, the long-term unemployed and women in vulnerable situations, etc.


    Environmental actions

    1. Conservation of habitats and preservation of biodiversity.

    2. Fire prevention and restoring damaged areas.

    3. Supportive actions that help to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and have a positive effect on energy efficiency.

    Occupational insertion

    We help those people at risk of marginalisation to find employment and regain their place in society.

    Raising awareness

    We promote the projects carried out to encourage respect for nature and help to raise awareness of conservation and improvements to the natural environment.