Clinical and environmental repercussions of jellyfish in the Mediterranean.


    In the last decade, the proliferation and arrival of jellyfish on our beaches has created public alarm which demands an objective, serious response from the scientific community. The problem caused in the oceans by humanity’s mistakes has no easy solution in the short term. However, the situation of our beaches does have solutions, and these involve proper, efficient management of the problem. We study how we can do it, based on studies of the biology of the species, on the factors that cause them to arrive on our beaches and on a series of effective protocols to avoid stings and attend to people affected by jellyfish stings quickly and safely.

    Our proposals are based on providing accurate information and developing treatments based on rigorous scientific studies of the problems suffered by people who are stung.

    We seek effective protective measures and appropriate, easy-to-use treatments.


    Society in general, and experts in public health, attention to the public and environmental risk prevention.


    • By studying the historical series we are fortunate enough to have in Catalonia, we can report on the level of risk of jellyfish on beaches, how to avoid contact with them and above all how to assess the scale of the problem.

    • Through research into the biology of the species and the factors that allow them to arrive on our beaches, we can improve prevention and immediate responses.

    • Through biomedical research, we can improve protocols for action, care of patients and effective responses to serious or complex cases.