Find out more about digital culture at the Medialab Prado citizen laboratory

Medialab Prado is a programme within the Arts Area of Madrid City Council aimed at the production, investigation and promotion of digital culture.

This centre, located in the Plaza de las Letras, organises all kinds of projects combining art, science, technology and society.

The influence of the digital world on our lives has given rise to new kinds of relations and new ways of working, at the same time as pushing back the horizons of creativity and innovation.  Medialab Prado brings together all these trends so that anyone interested in the digital world can get involved, join projects and put their ideas into practice, meet other users and share their opinions and know-how, establishing long-lasting ties that can lead to increasingly relevant and ambitious projects. 

Medialab Prado users collaborate by sharing their knowledge and working together to bring their ideas to fruition. The centre has therefore become a hub for people, tools and projects, carried out using a methodology based on open, collaborative and experimental processes.