The hills of Sierra de Atapuerca, in the province of Burgos, are home to one of the world's most important prehistoric sites.

The fossils found at Atapuerca have thrown new light on the evolution of the human species, improving our knowledge and following the traces that humans have left behind on the earth.

Who are we and where do we come from? Questions as fundamental as these can only be answered after studying historical evidence such as the remains found in the Sierra de Atapuerca hills, which today have led to the Museum of Human Evolution (MEH), a centre arising from the desire to become a benchmark for museums and knowledge, both nationally and internationally.

Its exhibitions and installations cover important themes related to our past, present and future as a species.

The MEH is therefore not only a museum of our ancestors but also a reflection on the present of our species, Homo sapiens, gifted with an ability to alter the world.