Discover all the secrets of the natural world

The "la Caixa" Foundation collaborates with the National Natural Science Museum, one of our country's leading scientific research institutes in its field and one of the oldest natural science museums in the world.

In addition to advancing our knowledge of the natural world the museum also works to bring all discoveries to the attention of society.

What is our planet like today and how has it changed since it was formed? Can we cover the huge diversity it has been home to since the beginning of life itself up to today?

The National Natural Science Museum organises exhibitions that provide an entertaining way to learn about the secrets of the natural world and improve our knowledge of everything around us.

Via permanent installations and temporary exhibitions the museum offers a wonderful view of the natural world, examining the history of our planet and the mysteries of evolution.

Through all its activities, the museum fulfils an important role of raising ecological awareness, a key factor to developing behaviours that ensure sustainable development.