Because the most important thing in science is to be well-informed

Get to know all the latest news and advances.


    We raise awareness of the great subjects of contemporary science among all kinds of people.

    And this is also achieved by approaching science from the perspective of its relation with other disciplines, such as engineering, art and the humanities.

    Our goal is to help pass on knowledge through dialogue between citizens and scientists regarding their most recent innovations and imminent achievements.

    A culture of science is crucial in order to raise awareness of crucial issues such as environmental sustainability and to develop and encourage, in all citizens, the capacity for critical, innovative thought that defines an advanced society.

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    Via permanent and temporary exhibitions that stimulate scientific knowledge and method. Achieved by applying modern science museum techniques which, over time, have become both a benchmark and our hallmark.

    We also organise seminars, debates, congresses and presentations aimed at creating scientific opinion.

    After more than twenty years of programming, these activities have now achieved a well-established reputation as a university of science for all citizens.


    Anyone interested in scientific thought and in the challenges and achievements of contemporary science as the driving force behind our society's progress.