We promote responsible research and innovation


    Digital tools for responsible research and innovation

    We lead the European project RRI Tools, as part of Framework Programme Seven (FP7) which aims to collaborate in defining a new relationship between science and society based on mutual dialogue and learning.

    In this project the "la Caixa" Foundation coordinates 25 European institutions to develop a joint digital tools innovator aimed at training and the promotion and application of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in Europe.

    Responsible research and innovation implies that all societal actors work together during the whole research and innovation process in order to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society.


    Professionals in the field of research and innovation, civil society, companies and educators.


    • We've developed a digital platform that provides a practical but attractive source of relevant information on RRI, as well as adding new content in the form of practical tools for a wide range of actors.

    • We carry out training on the content of the digital platform in 30 countries within the European Research Area, divided into 19 RRI Hubs. This training is aimed at all actors involved in the research and innovation process.

    • We raise awareness of responsible research and innovation throughout Europe and have created, as a fundamental means of spreading knowledge, a community of practice made up of all those people and institutions that include RRI within their remit.

  • 30 countries

  • 26 shareholders

  • 19 RRI hubs