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Environmental Policy of CosmoCaixa Barcelona

At CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum of the "la Caixa" Foundation, we base our actions on a strategic plan that complies with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Protecting the environment plays an important role within this strategy and there is a need for policies aimed at its conservation.

To comply with this commitment we have an Environmental Management System and carry out our work with the utmost respect for our surroundings, with particular care and sensitivity towards protecting the environment.

Through CosmoCaixa, at "la Caixa" Foundation our aim is to help to improve the environment for the benefit of the whole of society and that's why we have voluntarily set ourselves the following goals:

  1. Adapt our Environmental Management to our situation and organisational culture by implementing the procedures required to ensure continued improvement of our environmental performance.

  2. Adopt the measures required to guarantee compliance of all environmental regulations applicable to the Museum's work (at a local level but also regional, state and European), as well as all agreements entered by the Foundation through CosmoCaixa.

  3. Define and regularly review the goals and targets set to comply with our environmental policy.

  4. Train, raise awareness and engage each worker, involving them in our environmental management and passing on our environmental guidelines to our suppliers and subcontractors.

  5. Protect the environment and prevent contamination via the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of water and energy and by encouraging practices that reduce, re-use and recycle waste.

  6. Encourage communication based on criteria of transparency and informing all stakeholders (workers, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, institutions, etc.) in order to familiarise them with our environmental policy and establish cooperative relations with them.

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