Art for Change ”la Caixa” is an initiative in which art and culture are used as tools for social improvement. We generate creative processes, guided by an artist, in which people, especially vulnerable groups, take an active part. Through these processes, we want to give participants the opportunity to take part and come into contact with art and culture, offer equality of conditions and opportunities and contribute to the empowerment of people or groups through an artistic process. We strongly believe that participation in the arts bring benefits to individuals and communities.

Alma, la red social social

viernes, 27 mar. 2020

Si la vida te da limones, haz limonada

En el Día Mundial del Teatro, contamos cómo se ha reinventado el proyecto teatral También Estás Aquí, seleccionado en la convocatoria de Art for Change ”la Caixa” del 2019. Hablamos con su directora, Paloma de Pablo.