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How to take part

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"la Caixa" Foundation has launched a call with the aim of fostering reflection and dialogue on the issue of human development and sustainability. It seeks to strengthen its role as a meeting point of the main social actors — organisations, associations, public authorities and professionals — to address the current changes holistically, overcoming academic and sectoral barriers.

We wish to be a meeting point for all these social actors and encourage them to work to establish priorities, detect innovative methodologies, and drive economic development and social transformation.

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    The call for projects is open to:

    • Not-for-profit social, cultural and public-spirited organisations and associations.

    • Social enterprises and cooperatives from the social sector.

    • Not-for-profit business and trade union organisations.

    • Universities and research centres.

    • Public authorities.

    Political parties and their foundations, for-profit companies and the self-employed are excluded from the call.

    All projects must include a minimum of 4 activities to be carried out on the premises of CaixaForum Madrid.

    All activities must be carried out from September 2020 to September 2021.

    The current call is not open to organisations that were selected in the last call.

Core areas

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    The call for applications is based on four core areas of reflection:

    1. Human development and economic sustainability: constructing alternative economic models and policies in a global world.

    2. Human development and environmental sustainability: the environment, climate change, limited natural resources and their preservation.

    3. Human development and social sustainability: the evolution of problems of social exclusion and welfare systems in the present and future.

    4. Human development and thought: identity and a sense of belonging, forms of organisation and political regulation.

Principles of action

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    The projects presented must be in accordance with the CaixaForum Madrid's principles of action:

    • Promote a global horizon of thought based on an extensive geographical framework and an integrating historical perspective.

    • Incorporate a prospective view and propose innovative models focusing on the future.

    • Contribute humanist, democratic values and promote a world capable of managing its conflicts with a fairer, more just and tolerant society.

    • Introduce a holistic focus that helps to overcome academic and sectoral barriers, encouraging cooperation and networking.

    • Develop participative methodologies that help to identify, engage and empower all agents involved: public administrations, businesses, third sector organisations, universities, research centres and citizens.