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Genesis. Sebastião Salgado

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    Parque del Salón de Isabel II
    From 24 October to 10 December 2019


    Art in the street exhibition, 24 hours.

    Visits for schools and other groups
    Please call +34 900 80 11 37 to book in advance.

    Open activity


    "Genesis" is the search for the origins of the world and planet we inhabit. A world that has evolved during thousands of years before being confronted by the pace of modern life. After his projects entitled "Workers" and "Exodus", Sebastião Salgado founded the Earth Institute in order to reforest a rural property covering 700 hectares in Brazil. In many respects "Genesis" is a global corollary of the work carried out by the Earth Institute as it gave rise to the idea for the project: explore the beauty of the Earth.

    This exhibition presents photographs of landscapes, animals and people removed from the modern world: vast remote regions, intact and in silence, where nature still reigns supreme. Places where we can be nourished by the splendour of the polar regions, forests and tropical savannah, boiling deserts, mountains dominated by glaciers and solitary islands. An incredible mosaic where nature is expressed in all its glory.

    The photographs of "Genesis" aspire to reveal this beauty and represent a homage to the fragility of a planet we all have the duty to protect.

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