Leonardo da Vinci. Observe, question, experiment

A different day, through the eyes of Leonardo

A dynamic, interactive insight into the thinking of Leonardo


The greatest homage to Leonardo: sparking the desire to learn


    Starting 13/03/2020, ”la Caixa” Foundation adheres to the measures adopted by the State and the Autonomous Communities authorities for the prevention of the coronavirus and all its exhibitions will remain closed from today until further notice.

    Ciudad Real

    Plaza de la Constitución
    From 13 April to 13 May, 2020
    Exhibition in collaboration with Parc Leonardo da Vinci - Clos Lucé


    Monday to Friday, at 12:30 noon-2 pm and 5-9 pm;
    Showings every 30 min (last showing, 30 min before closure).

    Guided tours for the general public
    Monday to Friday, at 7 pm;
    Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, at 12 noon and 7 pm.

    Visits for schools and other groups
    Monday to Friday, at 9:30 am-12:30 noon and 3-5 pm;
    Please call +34 900 80 11 37 to book in advance.



    If we had to highlight one of the many things we admire about Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps it would be his capacity to be ahead of his time in everything he did. Painting, engineering, anatomy, geometry and botany are just some of the disciplines on which he has left his mark.

    ”la Caixa” Foundation presents an exhibition with an intangible object of study: the thinking and curiosity of Leonardo, his way of always going further in knowledge. What attitudes and abilities enabled him to innovate? How is creativity enhanced?

    The link between Leonardo, alive between the 15th and 16th centuries, and us, the visitors to the exhibition in the 21th century, is much more natural and direct that we could ever imagine...

  • GOAL

    An insight into the thinking of Leonardo da Vinci and his attitude to life in order to foster curiosity, a critical spirit and the desire for knowledge through observation and experimentation.


    An experience of discovery based on the essence of Leonardo’s thinking, transported to the present day. Scale models of some of his ingenuities, an audio visual that discusses observation, analysis and creativity, and experimentation games are just some of the tools used to build bridges between his time and the present day.


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