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  • ”la Caixa” is a foundation, 
    the Foundation is ”la Caixa”

    Find out why
  • Take part in the 11th ”la Caixa” Foundation Short Story Competition

    You just need to be over sixty and want to tell a story. Imagine!

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At ”la Caixa” we believe in people and their capacity to grow, work and overcome adversity. We believe in education, culture and research as drivers of progress. We believe in a society with more opportunities. We believe in a better future for everyone and we work in thousands of projects to build such a future.

In collaboration with hundreds of organisations and thousands of volunteers, we join forces to combat poverty and exclusion, to promote excellent medical research, to bring culture within everyone's reach and to improve the education of children, both today and tomorrow.

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  • Calls for applications

    Your compromise is our compromise.

    Programme of Subsidies for Social Initiative Projects. Calls for Applications 2019.

    See programme Calls for Applications

  • Housing Programme

    Because everyone is entitled to decent housing, we help the most vulnerable among us to overcome today's challenges and find a home.

    See Housing Programme

  • Alma, la red social social

    jueves, 14 mar. 2019

    El fin de la soledad
    por Fernando Ónega


    Dar a las personas mayores una ocupación para que se sientan útiles y puedan crear, incitarlos a la lectura y a practicar deporte... Todas esas labores que la Obra Social ”la Caixa” está promoviendo me parecen dignas de aplauso.

  • Social Observatory of ”la Caixa”

    The ideas laboratory that promotes rigorous analysis of the social reality in Spain.

    Go to the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa”

  • Palau Macaya

    Reference center for dialogue, reflection and the exchange of ideas between public institutions, social entities, companies, universities, professionals and citizens.

    Go to Palau Macaya

  • Child Poverty

    We work to ensure children can simply be children.

    We combat child poverty in Spain through the CaixaProinfancia programme.

    Access to Child Poverty

  • Employment integration

    All the programmes we create pretend to facilitate access to employment for people at risk of social exclusion.

    See Employment integration programme

  • The elderly

    Being elderly does not imply having to stay at home. That is why we promote active ageing for the elderly in our society.

    See The elderly programme

  • Comprehensive care for people with advanced diseases

    Everyone needs psychological, social and spiritual help to improve their quality of life when facing disease. We offer it to them.

    See programme Comprehensive care for people with advanced diseases

  • Research in Life and Health Sciences

    We work together with universities, public and private research centres and hospitals to generate new scientific knowledge.

    See Research in Life and Health Sciences programme

  • CaixaForum Centres

    We promote culture through a great variety of initiatives and proposals which we develop in our 8 CaixaForum Centres, as well as our travelling exhibitions which visit cities and towns with no Centre.

    Discover the CaixaForum Centres

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Fundação ”la Caixa”
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