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A learning and knowledge platform for civil society in Mozambique

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    To strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs) in Mozambique through face-to-face and online training ("Blended Learning") to make them more sustainable and increase their impact.


    • Increase the effectiveness and sustainability of Mozambican civil society by responding to the main challenges of development.

    • Increase public confidence and trust in civil society organizations in Mozambique.

    • Be known at the national level as an innovative platform to learn and respond to the challenges of development.

    • Act as a learning and knowledge exchange platform for the civil society of Mozambique and members of the community.


    Practical training is given in diverse subjects: Resource mobilization, effective presentations and powerpoint, direction of communication campaigns, community commitment, etc. to civil society organizations (CSOs) so that they can replicate it and train to third parties and also create their own courses.

    The inclusion of Design Thinking in the methodologies of approaching challenges that are transversal to civil society is one of the pillars of this platform.


    For civil society organizations in Mozambique.

    Currently the platform JUNTOS! is made up of 20 organizations, including 2 universities, 6 networks, 5 foundations and 9 NGOs.

    The JUNTOS! partners want to be innovative and bring more innovation and training to civil society and therefore they are proposing innovative approaches such as the organisation of events that become a reference for civil society in Mozambique.


    In collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, face-to-face, online training courses and meetings are held in which organizations meet, exchange experiences, present success stories, etc.

    Organizations that have taken part in the courses receive a Diploma certifying their attendance.


    In Mozambique.

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