Line of Action

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CooperantesCaixa is a short-term specialist volunteer programme carried out by people who are working or who have retired, either early or due to reaching retirement age. Our goal is to complement and enhance the activities carried out by various Spanish NGOs and their local partners as part of our international cooperation projects.

    The application period for the project begins on 14 December 2016 and ends on 20 January 2017. No projects or complementary documentation can be presented after this deadline.



    • Strengthen the skills of the benefitting people and organisations

      We provide training and advice and help to transfer knowledge to improve the performance of their initiatives.

    • Raise awareness of cooperation projects involving volunteers.

    • Improve the knowledge of projects in collaboration with the "la Caixa" Foundation.

    • Improve the knowledge and awareness of "la Caixa" employees to ensure they're familiar with the programmes aimed at international cooperation and the importance of being personally committed.




Register and certification

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  • Volunteers

    This initiative is for Caixa Volunteers. If you aren't a Caixa Volunteer yet, you can register at "la Caixa" Volunteers.

    If you're already a volunteer, access the applications website, which will provide you with an access code (username and password).

    Once you have requested certification, look for the "Cooperantes Caixa" call for applications and complete the entry form. Remember that we will ask you to upload your CV and a letter explaining your motivation. You can present your application once your certification has been confirmed.


    The organisations eligible for this call for applications are Spanish NGOs  and their local partners carrying out cooperation projects in collaboration with the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation as part of two of its International Division programmes:

    • The Socio-Economic Development programme.

    • The Training in Africa programme.

    To present a volunteer application the applicant organisation needs to certify its eligibility via the applications website, which will provide an access code (username and password).

    Any organisations already certified need to verify and validate the registration documentation contained in the application.

    Uncertified organisations must have existed for at least one year; for organisations resulting from mergers, at least one of them must have existed for this period of time.

    Once the organisation has been certified, look for the "NGO Cooperantes" call for applications and complete the entry form.