We help the right to food and food sovereignty to be fairly implemented

Promoting sustainable economic development with gender and generational equality.

Torotoro II: enhancing sustainable economic and social development to improve the quality of life of the indigenous rural population in the municipality of Torotoro (Potosí, Bolivia)

Social and Economic Development Programme 2013


    • Improve production skills in organic agriculture and the sustainable use of natural resources

    • Increase the production and income of 150 farming families from 10 communities in the municipality of Torotoro

    • Enhance self-management skills and demand for rights to be respected 

    • Strengthen the social and political involvement of women and young people on equal terms


    • Implementing and equipping irrigation and micro-irrigation systems

    • Training, technical assistance and exchange of experiences in organic agricultural production, land conservation, the management of natural resources and incorporating foods from diversified organic agriculture

    • Training in production, management, sales and finance, based on solidarity

    • Support to promote the revival of native seeds

    • Training in honey production and sales

    • Dissemination, trips to exchange experiences and monitoring of public policy


  • NGDO



    Direct beneficiaries: 1,620 people who form part of the 150 families living in ten communities in the municipality of Torotoro: families of indigenous farmers suffering from poverty. 

    Indirect beneficiaries: 8,915


    36 months

    Start: July 2013