Improve the economic system of indigenous Guaraní families

We support livestock farming to create incomes for families

Social and economic development of indigenous Guaraní communities by strengthening the value chain of livestock farming in the Chaco region of Bolivia

Social and Economic Development Programme 2014


    • Boost the sale of meat, eggs and cheese to help livestock farmers increase their income and strengthen the value chain for livestock farming

    • Increase the volume of agricultural and fishing products sold

    • Support the organisation of Guaraní farming families in defining the agenda for local economic development


    • Producing training plans for farming families

    • Implementing technological innovations

    • Advice on organisation, law, management, transformation and the application of health and food standards

    • Producing and monitoring business plans

    • Support for infrastructure and equipment 

    • Start-up of a market intelligence centre and training in markets and commercial strategies

    • Producing and implementing the plan for administrative improvement and agenda for economic development 

  • NGDO


    Action Against Hunger Bolivia


    Direct beneficiaries: 1,620 people who form part of the 150 families living in ten communities in the municipality of Torotoro: families of indigenous farmers suffering from poverty. 

    Indirect beneficiaries: 8,915


    36 months

    Start: August 2014