We increase the production and sale and improve the quality of corn and niébé (beans)

We provide producers with access to credit

Improved production and transformation skills for corn and niébé among farmers in the regions of Cascades and Hauts Bassins, in Burkina Faso

Social and Economic Development Programme 2013


    • Enhance the production and transformation skills for corn and niébé (beans).

    • Increase production and improve the quality and promotion of local farm produce.

    • Improve the skills of association members.

    • Strengthen agricultural investment in favour of small-scale producers.


    • Start-up of a composting unit.

    • Production and use of higher quality corn seeds on a large scale and of organic manure.

    • Start-up of two corn units: acquisition of material and technical training for women.

    • We improve the marketing, promotion and advertising.

    • We help provide access to credit for producers.

    • Raising awareness and training of local producers and authorities related to insuring the harvest and securing credit.

    • Start-up of service cooperatives.

    • Training and lobbying activities.

  • NGDO



    Direct beneficiaries: 5,350 farmers from the regions of Cascades and Hauts Bassins.

    Small-scale corn producers using traditional agricultural techniques with low yields and very few agricultural inputs.

    Indirect beneficiaries: 68,640.


    24 months 

    Start: August 2013