Rural development and strengthening civil society in Ratanakiri

We improve living resources and enhance the skills of community organisations.

Strengthening the basis of agricultural producers and community organisations for rural development in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

Social and Economic Development Programme 2014


    • Improve skills related to agricultural and textile production and processing techniques.

    • Improve family consumption and market access.

    • Strengthen the business skills of producer organisations.

    • Support the indigenous population in terms of land ownership.


    • Training in techniques of crop production, animal husbandry, textiles, crafts and food processing.

    • We provide training in business skills, start-ups, market guidance, business planning and value chains.

    • We teach skills related to land law and the analysis of existing policies.

    • We improve promotion and marketing actions.

    • We use community forums to encourage public-private alliances.

    • We create community forums, organisations for two-way communication about land, production and living resources.

    • We help to start up businesses.

    • We support the management of natural resources

    • We support the search for employment through a Guidance Office.

  • Development NGO



    Direct beneficiaries: 2,570 people, mainly from indigenous communities (rural families, women and young people) and grassroots community organisations from 53 communities in two districts of Ratanakiri province, carrying out small economic and social activities and tackling important weaknesses in the area of technical skills and market access.

    Indirect beneficiaries: 41,809 people.


    36 months 

    Start: September 2014