Building a complex to transform and add value to cocoa, honey, passion fruit and rice

We improve the production and association skills of families and strengthen commercial strategies.

Improvement of the production and association skills of producer families in the municipality of El Tuma, La Dalia, Nicaragua

Social and Economic Development Programme 2014


    • Improve the population's socio-economic and environmental conditions.

    • Strengthen the technical, association and management skills of the cooperative, encouraging the active involvement of young people and women

    • Diversify the agricultural industry and marketing mechanisms

    • Strengthen the commercial strategies of value chains


    • Constructing centres to process rice and for the collection and packaging of honey, and producing their respective operational manuals.

    • Constructing a laboratory to produce entomopathogenic fungi.

    • Establishing and managing cocoa, passion fruit and rice plantations. Establishing and managing apiaries and bee hives.

    • Design and assembly of irrigation systems.

    • Producing business plans for the production chains of rice, honey and passion fruit.

    • Creating a network of promoters, technical training for beneficiaries and promoters.

    • Creating and encouraging business groups within the cooperative.

    • Setting up a fund of credit for production activities.

    • Improving commercial strategies.

  • NGDO



    Direct beneficiaries: 3,498 people from 583 families in the municipality of El Tuma, La Dalia: small-scale producers with their own plots of land, of 7 hectares on average, and low household incomes

    Indirect beneficiaries: 64,700 


    36 months

    Start: September 2014