We support crafts as a source of economic development

We consolidate the initiatives of rural female weavers and craftswomen.

Consolidating the economic enterprises of Aymara and Quechua traditional female weavers in the region of Puno, Peru

Social and Economic Development Programme 2014


    • Improve the involvement of 300 Aymara and Quechua traditional female weavers in the economy of the region of Puno.

    • Consolidate the activity of 20 associations with the aim of empowering women and providing them with an income


    • Training and producing business plans by organisation

    • Carrying out commercial placements to gain experience in business management

    • Training in weaving techniques, handling stitches, measurements for accessories, patterns and needlework

    • District workshops on creating designs, information technologies, internet, citizenship, human rights, etc.

    • Training in handling quality control

    • Advice on the creation and production of garments according to market demand


  • NGDO



    36 months

    Start: September 2014