Support for agriculture and fishing industries in rural communities in Kolda

We aim to increase the participation of women, encouraging their inclusion as drivers of change

Support for agriculture and fishing, both goods and services, is organised according to the trade flows between the rural communities of Kéréwane, Niaming and Pata (Kolda, Senegal)

Social and Economic Development Programme 2012


    • Support for agricultural and fishing businesses with commercial goals.

    • Establish techniques for cultivation and durable processing for different products.

    • Support commerce.


    • We prepare the land to produce rice and corn.

    • We strengthen cooperatives.

    • We encourage the establishment of communal cereal banks.

    • We support the creation of units to transform and sell corn and rice.

    • We reinforce the two community vegetable production cooperatives.

    • We support technical milk production.

    • We provide training in techniques related to feed silage, alternative feeds for cows, food supplements, disease prevention, traditional sustainable fishing, marketing, dredging and profiling for the catchment basin.

    • We support the collection and sale of milk.

    • We support the creation of committees for surveillance and fishing resources. 

  • NGDO



    Direct beneficiaries: 1,486 people from the rural communities of Kolda (Kéréwane, Niaming and Pata) from different ethnic groups, working in agriculture, livestock and/or fishing and with a high incidence of vulnerability factors.

    Indirect beneficiaries: 21,529


    48 months since June 2012