Sustainable economic development through ginger in Chome

We ease the poverty and vulnerability of rural communities

Social and economic development of eight village communities in the Nature Reserve of Chome, Tanzania, through the ginger business

Social and Economic Development Programme 2014


    • Promote sustainable economic growth.

    • Strike a balance between benefitting communities and the forest.

    • Ease the situation of vulnerability and poverty of the families in the programme.

    • Increase the productivity and trade in ginger.


    • We provide training for farmers on how to treat fresh ginger.

    • We provide inputs for production: improved seeds, forestry compost, poles, manure.

    • We provide training for association members in basic business skills, leadership, developing business plans and the gender perspective.

    • We support the establishment of a second-level organisation for the cultivation and sale of ginger.

    • We carry out business platform workshops among farmers, buyers and other agents in the ginger value chain.

    • We provide training for tutors.

    • We support access to loans.

    • We introduce new technologies for market access.

  • NGDO



    Direct beneficiaries: 4,860 people. Members of the ginger-producing families from the eight rural communities of Lugulu, Kanza, Mtii, Myombo, Vuje, Mvaa, Bombo and Mjema; communities belonging to the district of Same and next to the Chome Nature Reserve.

    Indirect beneficiaries: 24,820 people.


    24 months 

    Start: June 2014