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We believe that education is one of the most powerful ways to reduce inequality and lay the foundations for a sustainable future. That's why "la Caixa" Banking Foundation and Telefónica Foundation are launching ProFuturo, one of the biggest digital education projects in the world.

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    Through the ProFuturo educational project, "la Caixa" Banking Foundation and Telefónica Foundation strive to narrow the world's educational divide by providing the children living in vulnerable environments in Latin America, Africa and Asia with a good quality digital education.

    This universal programme places technology at the service of society to ensure such children have the same opportunity as others to benefit from a good quality education, wherever they are and whether or not they are online.


    There can be no progress without education. That's why we focus on developing communities with problems in accessing good quality education.

    We promote local alliances with international institutions, companies and agents that wish to help us provide a better education for children, young people and teachers throughout the world.


    The goals of this educational project are as follows:

    • Promote education through digital content and advanced modular teaching-learning methods adapted to each particular environment and context.

    • Improve teacher training and provide them with the best tools to enhance the quality of their classrooms.

    • Personalise each student's learning.

    • Create accessible educational content for young people and children with disabilities.

    • Use technology to eliminate educational barriers and the digital divide in the world.

    • Become a global benchmark in educational transformation and innovation by improving the education of millions of children all over the world.


    Our target is for over 10 million children to have access to high quality education by 2020. To date we've started educational projects in 23 countries in different parts of the world:

    • Africa Latin

    • America

    • Asia

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