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Improving the nutrition of refugee children

Fighting child malnutrition from the first day of life.

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    We work to increase child survival rates in refugee camps and host communities by improving the nutritional conditions for infants under 5, introducing innovative approaches and applying new technologies.



    5.9 million children die every year in the world and almost half these deaths are related to malnutrition. More than 50% of refugees are minors. The survival of refugee children is a priority.


    The methodology we apply (IYCF, Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices) promotes practices in all humanitarian areas (accommodation, energy, protection, etc.) to encourage a correct diet and healthcare for children.

    We treat cases of severe malnutrition and promote different methods to improve malnutrition rates: training mothers in the early detection of malnutrition, encouraging the involvement of the community in detecting and tackling nutritional needs, applying monitoring systems and evaluating trends in child nutrition, setting up a technological solution by computerising data, etc.

    This comprehensive programme, which combines innovative approaches with new technologies, aims to achieve a more effective model that increases infant survival rates and can be rolled out internationally.

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    This initial phase has been implemented in Ethiopia where, as in the whole of the Horn of Africa, there's an emergency due to the consequences of a severe and long-lasting drought, added to increasing numbers of refugees from South Sudan due to hunger and war.

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Alma, la red social social

lunes, 7 May. 2018

Son ellas las que nos miran

En los campos de refugiados de Etiopía, las madres buscan en ti la clave para mejorar su situación y la de sus hijos, sin saber que son ellas quienes la tienen. Esto es lo que busca transmitirles el proyecto MOM: las madres son la respuesta.