Application deadline: 2 September 2019

How could we use technology to improve efficiency in the distribution and use of water for irrigation in the high-mountain Ccatcca district so that the area’s farmer producers can enjoy continuous production of fodder for family livestock and thus help to overcome rural poverty?


    • Incorporation of much more efficient irrigation technologies to make irrigation water available throughout the low-water period in the farming communities of the Ccatcca district.

    • Improvement of the irrigation water management systems as regards distribution, assignment and application (irrigation frequencies and times).

    • Introduction of new species of fodders that, for example, require less water without the volume of plant matter currently produced being affected, or increasing the supply of plant material using the same amount of water, etc.

    • Improvement in fodder storage systems to ensure available fodder in the low-water months.


    Families with five members on average, dedicated to agriculture (plots with an average of 1,200 m2) and livestock (mainly guinea pigs).