Line of action

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The Work 4 Progress call for applications is aimed at networks of organisations working together in Peru and Mozambique on innovative job creation programmes.


    Call currently closed.

    Selected proposals in the 2017 contest:

    • "Work 4 Progress, Cabo Delgado".
      - Lead institution: Fundación Ayuda en Acción.
      - Associated institutions: Agencia de Desenvolvimento Economico Local de Cabo Delgado (ADEL CD), MUNDUKIDE FUNDAZIOA, ESSOR, TECNOSERVE.

    • "Estrategias innovadoras orientadas a la mejora de los ingresos económicos individuales y familiares de mujeres y jóvenes de población rural indígena andina y amazónica".
      - Lead institution: Ong Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría.
      - Associated institutions: Asociación Fe y Alegría del Perú, SAIPE, Asociación Jesús Obrero, Fundacion AVSI, Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (UARM).

    If you have an innovative proposal, you can contact us at:

Register and certifications

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In order to submit a project in the call of the Work 4 Progress program, the applicant institutions must be registered on the applications website of the “la Caixa” Foundation, where they will obtain their access codes (user name and password). 


    Institutions that have already been accredited must verify and validate the registration documentation included in the application. 

    Documents required for institutions to be accredited:

    1. Proof of the institution’s Tax Identification Code.

    2. Registration of the institution in the relevant registry. 

    3. Articles of Association of the institution.

    4. Document authorising the person acting on behalf of the institution for project management (standard form available in the application).

    5. National identity card or passport number of the person acting on behalf of the institution.

    6. For foreign institutions: certificate of tax residence in the relevant country.

Project presentation

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The projects must be submitted by the lead institution of the network through the applications website by entering the user name and password obtained in the accreditation process. Under no circumstances will hard copies of the documents be accepted.

In order to correctly submit a project, all the fields of the various tabs in the web application must be completed and the project submission form included in the application must be attached, along with the additional documentation.