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Join the fight against infant mortality

Millions of children can be saved if they have access to vaccines that save lives. It's up to us to do this!

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A decade ago, "la Caixa" Foundation and Gavi got together to vaccinate millions of children, thereby reducing the number of premature deaths in the places affected. These children are now filling up the schools and they've raised their countries' life expectancies exponentially. They're a generation that's managed to change the future of their towns and cities. After ten years, at last we can talk about the Decennials, a new generation we also feel a part of.

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    Every 60 seconds, 3 children die from causes avoidable with simple vaccines.

    In 2008, "la Caixa" Banking Foundation became the first private partner of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in Europe and launched the Alliance for Child Vaccination, offering the chance to join in the fight against infant mortality by opening up participation to customers and employees of the CaixaBank Group, as well as to society at large and to companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, via the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination.

    Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is the first public-private global alliance to combat infant mortality. Its mission is to save children's lives and protect people's health.

    ISGlobal, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, is also involved with the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination as a strategic partner. ISGlobal has joined the Evaluation Advisory Committee of Gavi's civic society organisations or CSOs. This Committee, made up of 19 members from 15 different countries, aims to coordinate the activities of more than 3,000 civic society organisations that belong to the Alliance, working to ensure the vaccines reach all children.

    The long history of ISGlobal in the field of maternal and child health make the Institute a strategic partner for "la Caixa" Foundation in the child vaccination project.




    "la Caixa" Banking Foundation as a partner of Gavi participates into the project monitoring and guarantees that all donations are given entirely to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance for child vaccination.

    Since 2015 "la Caixa" Banking Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have respectively doubled all funds donated to Gavi by the private sector by making parallel donations, quadrupling the efforts made to combat infant mortality.



    For Spanish firms that want to collaborate in the Gavi initiative as part of their corporate social responsibility actions, CSR, for clients and employees of CaixaBank and anyone who wants to make a microdonation.

    "Life or death for a young child too often depends on whether he is born in a country where vaccines are available or not"
    Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), GAVI Founding Chair


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  • More than 2.5  million children vaccinated

  • More than 550 sponsor companies associated with the Business Alliance

  • 7 million deaths prevented