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Nested Applications

Nested Applications

Description and call for proposals

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The “la Caixa” Banking Foundation is launching a new call for health research projects with a total budget of €12.000.000.
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    Opening for call for application
    29 November 2017

    Deadline for call for application
    16 March 2018

    Project pre-selection and Expert Committees
    March - July 2018

    Decision announcement
    July 2018

    Execution of awarded projects
    September 2018 - September 2021


    The "la Caixa" Banking Foundation is launching a new call for applications for biomedicine and health research project grants with a view to identifying and promoting the most promising initiatives of scientific excellence with the greatest value, potential and social impact. The research projects may be basic, clinical or translational.

    This new call will take place annually, will select about 20 projects and a maximum amount of 12 million euros has been set aside for the first year. This amount may be increased for subsequent years.

    Projects led by researchers from universities and not-for-profit research centres and carried out in Spain or Portugal may be submitted.


    Two types of grants will be made available:

    • Category A: for 3-year projects submitted by just one institution or a consortium with a maximum budget of 500.000 €.

    • Category B: for 3-year projects submitted by transdisciplinar consortiums with a maximum budget of 1.000.000 €.


    Priority will be given to projects carried out in four specific areas: oncology, neuroscience, infectious and cardiovascular diseases. There will also be a fifth area, which will allow for support to cross-cutting biomedical projects.

    A rigorous selection process will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards of quality, impartiality, objectivity and transparency.

    The process will also follow the recommendations of the European Science Foundation, among other organisations.

    It will consist of an initial peer review phase to shortlist projects and a second selection phase to be carried out by committees comprising relevant international experts for each of the research areas.

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Application process

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    1. Submit your applications and additional documents from November 29, 2017 to March 16, 2018 by entering the private area for applying for all the “la Caixa” Foundation programs. You must register the first time you enter this area and you will receive a user name and password for logging in.

    2. Once you have registered, select the corresponding Health Research 2017 Programme and complete the application form. Complete the entire online application form.

    3. You can download the Health Research 2017 Application form sample, for informative purposes only.

    4. Remember to complete the application in English. We will not accept applications that are in another language or if they are incomplete, in paper format, or submitted by any other means or after the deadline.

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    Questions and answers
    Tel.: 902 22 30 40

Selection process

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    The Project evaluation procedure consists of the following phases:

    1. Eligibility criteria scrutiny: All Applications received will be reviewed to ensure the fulfilment of the criteria published in the Call. In case an application is dismissed, the “la Caixa” Foundation will send an e-mail notification to the applicant explaining the reasons.

    2. Pre-selection peer review process: Each of the Applications that pass the eligibility phase enters the pre-selection peer review process made up of three or four international experts with broad experience in the discipline(s) and Thematic Area of the Application and an extensive list of publications or contributions within this Thematic Area. The Applications that receive the best ratings from each Thematic Area of the Call will pass to the next stage. The ”la Caixa” Foundation will notify candidates whether or not they have been shortlisted by e-mail. The evaluation criteria of the Call will be applied to each Project.

    3. Selection Committees: There will be five Selection Committees, one for each Thematic Area of this Call. Each Selection Committee will be composed by 8 to 12 internationally renowned experts with broad experience in the Thematic Area of the application and an extensive list of relevant contributions within this Thematic Area.
      Candidates whose applications have passed the pre-selection phase stage will be called in for a face-to-face interview before a multidisciplinary Selection Committee made up of researchers with extensive experience in evaluation and selection processes.
      At the end of this phase, each Selection Committee will select the final number of projects awarded based on the evaluation criteria of this call for proposals.

    For more information about the selection process, download the documents Evaluation Process Guide and Code of Conduct for Evaluators.


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Only for researchers who are currently working outside Spain and Portugal.
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    Join our Team of Evaluators!

    The “la Caixa” Foundation evaluation procedure follows international standards and consist of a peer review process and a number of final expert selection panels.

    To become a reviewer for this particular call you need to be currently working outside Spain and Portugal. You will be financially remunerated for your work according to European standards.

    Should you be interested in joining our team of scientific reviewers, you can fill out this simple form.

    We also invite you to send the request below to any other experts you know who might be interested.