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Nested Applications

Nested Applications

Description and call for proposals

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The ”la Caixa” Foundation launches the second edition of the open call for health research projects.

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  • Timeline


    Opening of the Call online system
    November 8, 2018 at 2 p.m. CET

    Deadline for applications
    January 15, 2019 at 2 p.m. CET

    Remote pre-selection by peer review
    From February to June 2019

    On-site assessment by Selection Committees
    June 6 and 7, 2019 in Barcelona

    Resolution announcement
    July 2019

    Execution of selected projects
    From September 2019 to September 2022

  • Goals


    The ”la Caixa” Foundation launches the second edition of the Call for biomedical and health research projects with the aim of giving support to groundbreaking projects of scientific excellence, with potential value and a high social impact, whether in basic, clinical or translational research.

    Projects must be submitted in the following thematic areas:

    • Neuroscience

    • Oncology

    • Cardiovascular and associated metabolic disease

    • Infectious diseases

    • Enabling technologies focused on the four previous thematic areas

  • Grants


    For the 2018 call, project proposals, to be executed over up to 3 years, may be:

    • Individual projects: submitted by a single research institution (Host institution), requesting up to a maximum of €500.000

    • Research consortium projects: submitted by at least two research institutions and coordinated by the Host institution. Research consortium projects may request up to a maximum of €1.000.000.

    The intention is to distribute this amount approximately equitably amongst the different Thematic Areas, but the final distribution will always depend on the quality and the specific characteristics of the proposals submitted. The fact that the proposals are submitted as Individual or as Research consortium projects will not be in any case a selection criterion during the evaluation process. The only selection criteria for assessing the proposals are those described in the Rules for participation.

    The correct allocation of the budget, properly adjusted to the activities to be carried out, will be a strictly evaluated criterion during the selection process.

  • Applicants


    Host institutions. Projects submitted must be led by non-profit research institutions based in Spain or Portugal.

    Project leader (PL). The principal investigator at the Host institution. The project leader must also be who submits the proposal and coordinates the overall execution of the project.

    Research Performing Institutions (RPI): any non-profit institution dedicated to research that carries out activities of the Project. In individual projects, the RPI is the Host institution. In Research consortiums, there must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 RPI (including the Host Institution).

    Principal investigators (PIs). Each research performing institution must have a principal investigator responsible for performing the activities in the project carried out at their institution.

    Cooperating Organizations. Both individual projects and research consortium may also include non-research performing civil society organizations (e. g. civil society bodies, patients' associations) and/or companies that carry out activities of the Project

    Companies. Incorporated companies, whether or not they are members of the consortium, may only receive project funds if they are subcontracted by a non-profit institution which is a member of the consortium.

    Any institution of the project must carry out activities and, therefore, have an assigned budget. Institutions not located in Spain or Portugal may receive a maximum of 30% of the total project budget.

    Team members. All the members of the Research Performing Institutions or Cooperating Organizations that carry out specific activities of the Project.

  • Elegibility


    The details of the eligibility criteria and required documentation to complete the application can be found in the Rules for participation.

    Previous awardees. PLs of awarded projects from the Health Research Call cannot apply as PLs for new proposals in this edition.

    Threshold score in the Health Research Call. In order to promote the quality of proposals, PLs of projects that score less than 5.50 (from a maximum score of 8) in the peer-reviewed assessment in this edition (HR18) will not be able to submit proposals to the next edition (HR19). The ratings of proposals submitted to the HR17 call do not limit the submission of proposals in this call (HR18).


    The following projects are not eligible:

    • Projects whose results are subject to rights, of any nature, held by for-profit organizations before the submission of the Proposal (including without limitation assignments, licenses, first-refusal rights, distribution agreements, etc.)

    • Projects that evaluate the efficacy or safety of products, therapies, medical devices or diagnostic systems of for-profit organizations.

  • Projects selection


    Proposals are selected on the basis of a rigorous selection process that will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards of quality, impartiality, objectivity and transparency.

    It consists of an initial remote pre-selection phase of projects by peer review and a second phase of face-to-face interview carried out by Selection Committees comprising relevant international experts for each of the research areas.

  • Frequently asked questions


  • Contact


Application process

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  • Application process


    1. Submit your application and additional documentation between November 8, 2018 and January 15, 2019 by logging into the private area for submitting applications to ”la Caixa” Foundation programmes.

    2. You must register as a Project Leader (with your personal data and NIF) for the Health Research Call 2018. Use your username to log in into the application system. If your username already exists and you don't remember your password, you can access it following the link Forgotten your password?

    3. During the registration process, you should link your Host Institution:

      - If your organisation is already registered, by entering the CIF number you can link it to the project. In order to complete your application, the manager of your entity should validate that the institution documentation is updated.

      - If your institution is not registered, you must contact the manager of your entity to process accreditation. You will not be able to start the online application until your institution is registered.

      Each institution will have a sole manager who will have access to the general information of the institution and the list of proposals under submission.

    4. Once you log on with your username and password, select the Health Research programme 2018 and fill in the whole application form on-line.

    5. Only the PL username can access the online application for HR18. If you do not have this access and you want to check the online application for HR18, please access using the following public user:

      Username: PublicUsername
      Password: PublicUsername

      You can also download this application form in pdf for information purposes only.

    6. Don't forget to fill in the application in English. We do not accept applications in any other language, incomplete applications (information or documents), submitted on paper or submitted in any other way or after the deadline.

  • Frequently asked questions


  • Contact


    Questions and answers

    E-mail: healthresearch@fundaciolacaixa.org

Selection process

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    The Project evaluation procedure consists of the following phases:

    1. Eligibility criteria scrutiny: All Applications received will be reviewed to ensure the fulfilment of the criteria published in the Call. In case an application is dismissed, the ”la Caixa” Foundation will send an e-mail notification to the applicant explaining the reasons.

    2. Pre-selection peer review process: Each of the Applications that pass the eligibility phase enters the pre-selection peer review process made up of three or four international experts with broad experience in the discipline(s) and Thematic Area of the Application and an extensive list of publications or contributions within this Thematic Area. The Applications that receive the best ratings from each Thematic Area of the Call will pass to the next stage. The ”la Caixa” Foundation will notify candidates whether or not they have been shortlisted by e-mail. The evaluation criteria of the Call will be applied to each Project.

    3. Selection Committees: There will be five Selection Committees, one for each Thematic Area of this Call. Each Selection Committee will be composed by 8 to 12 internationally renowned experts with broad experience in the Thematic Area of the application and an extensive list of relevant contributions within this Thematic Area.
      Candidates whose applications have passed the pre-selection phase stage will be called in for a face-to-face interview before a multidisciplinary Selection Committee made up of researchers with extensive experience in evaluation and selection processes.
      At the end of this phase, each Selection Committee will select the final number of projects awarded based on the evaluation criteria of this call for proposals.


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Only for researchers who are currently working outside Spain and Portugal.
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    Join our Team of Evaluators!

    The ”la Caixa” Foundation evaluation procedure follows international standards and consist of a peer review process and a number of final expert selection panels.

    To become a reviewer for this particular call you need to be currently working outside Spain and Portugal. You will be financially remunerated for your work according to European standards.

    Should you be interested in joining our team of scientific reviewers, you can fill out this simple form.

    We also invite you to send the request below to any other experts you know who might be interested.