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"la Caixa" Banking Foundation Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy

With the intention of disseminating the results of the research funded by the Banking Foundation "la Caixa" and encouraging these results to reach the citizenship in order to involve it in the process of transformation of society, we adopted a policy of open access to the publication of research results.

The terms of this policy are aligned with those of other public and private funding agencies at European and global level.

Open Access Policy for "la Caixa" Foundation (PDF, 872 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 510 KB)

  • In order to comply with this policy, researchers need to publish in one of the following options:

    - Full open access journals.
    - Subscription-based journals that allow for the published version or the revised version to be shared in a public access repository.
    - Open access publishing platforms that have an open review process.
    - Journals that allow individual open access by article.
  • With any institutional or thematic repository that follows the OpenAIRE directives.

  • It is recommended that paper be deposited immediately after publication, even if access to the complete text must be restricted during a certain period of time (embargo). It must be deposited within a maximum of six months after the date of publication.

  • Following the OpenAIRE directives, the “dc.relation.projectID” megadata should be used with the following values:


    The project ID is generated by entering the project in the ”la Caixa” Foundation software; therefore, you must contact your administrator to obtain it.

  • The repository must be able to access the latest revised version, whether this is the final version as it will appear in the publication or the revised version without the final layout (also known as postprint or the author’s version), but with the same content as the published version.

  • The policy comes into force from 2018 for all beneficiaries; therefore, any publication from a grant prior to this date but to be published from 2018 onwards must be deposited with a repository in accordance with the Foundation’s new open access policy.