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Social Observatory of "la Caixa"

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"la Caixa" Social Observatory: analysis of social problems

The "la Caixa" Social Observatory is a laboratory of ideas that aims to analyse social realities, especially in the fields of action of the Obra Social ”la Caixa” such as social inclusion, education, science and culture.

The Social Observatory was founded with the objective of enriching the debate and dialogue around the new social challenges that emerge on a daily basis. This initiative puts social indicators at the service of the general public, many of which are original compilations by article authors. It also offers recent studies, reviews of books with innovative ideas and interviews with experts to gain closer-hand knowledge of the reality that surrounds us and be able to reflect on it.

It is an instrument that promotes in-depth and constant analysis of our country, to raise visibility of the problems affecting Spanish society, both more evident problems and those that pass unnoticed. This is valuable knowledge with a scientific basis that will contribute to a more open and global society.

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