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Frequently Asked Questions

Call for applicants

You will find below a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received through our email sent by the candidates and the participating Research Centers.
This list is updated periodically so you will find very useful information to complete your application. If you can not find your answer, write us to fellowships@fundacionlacaixa.org.


and accreditations


  • Within seven calendar days from the date the rejection notification is sent, candidates may submit redress by sending an e-mail to fellowships@fundacionlacaixa.org, which must include an explanatory text together with the documents that the candidate deems appropriate.

    Redress will be resolved by a redress committee. The resolution will be sent by e-mail within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the redress. The redress procedure will be strictly confidential.

    The technical or scientific appraisal of the evaluators will not be called into question. The selection and evaluation processes themselves ensure the independence and the objectivity of the evaluation.

  • No. According to standard practice in the selection processes using the peer review system, applicants are not informed of the identity of the individuals who will evaluate their application or of the composition of the selection boards who will interview the applicants. Nevertheless, once the selection processes have ended, a list of all the professors and researchers who took part in them will be made public.

  • The applicants who pass the preselection process will be called in for a face-to-face screening interview.

    The face-to-face interview seeks to:

    - Delve into the information provided in the application, particularly with regard to the applicant’s academic and personal project.
    - Ask about matters that were not included in the application and which the committee considers particularly relevant to evaluate the suitability of the applicant in pursuing the studies proposed.
    - Evaluate the applicant’s academic and professional potential.
    - Evaluate their all-round training, interests, concerns, and curiosity for the social, scientific, economic, cultural, or artistic context, although this is not directly related to their studies.
    - Evaluate, if the committee deems it necessary, their foreign language proficiency level.
    - Evaluate their personal and academic maturity, their motivation to complete the proposed studies and project, and their capacity to clearly express their ideas and firmly defend them.

    During the interview, the members of the selection committee may ask for clarifications and pose the academic, personal, or professional questions that they deem appropriate with the aim of selecting—among all the individuals interviewed—those who, in their opinion, are deserving of the fellowship.

  • The strength of your academic record is just another aspect, among others to be evaluated to determine whether an application passes the preselection or final selection process or not.

  • No, the preselection and selection processes are governed solely by criteria of academic and professional excellence. Therefore, other elements are not taken into account in order to assign quotas.

  • No. Only face-to-face interviews will be conducted.

  • Approximately twenty minutes.

  • No. The online form through which the application was made already provides for the possibility of attaching audiovisual files and links to online content; therefore, documentation of this type should only be submitted using the online form.

  • No, under no circumstances.

  • The Redress Committee is made up of personnel from the “la Caixa” Foundation who receive and handle any complaints and/or suggestions from the applicants.


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