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We promote start-ups and products that create value for society in the area of life and health sciences

CaixaImpulse, a programme promoted by the "la Caixa" Foundation and Caixa Capital Risc, aims to foster the start-ups in the area of science.

The transfer of knowledge from research centres to the market makes it possible for the whole of society to benefit from scientific advances and discoveries. With this goal in mind, CaixaImpulse supports the projects of research centres that could have a direct application for society. 

The CaixaImpulse programme is aimed at research centres working on projects that are to be transferred to society. These are mainly university and hospital centres as well as other research facilities or non-profit organisations devoted to research.

CaixaImpulse offers all of these expert guidance and financial assistance to produce and implement a business plan to bring the project to fruition:

  • Aid of up to €70,000 to implement the approved validation plans.

  • Guarantee the support of leading mentors from industry to define the best possible validation and marketing plans.

  • Foster contact with companies, entrepreneurs and investors to evaluate the validation and marketing plans, as well as create opportunities for collaboration and business.

  • Support specialised training and expert guidance in the areas of project management, technology validation, financing and marketing tools and team development.

  • CaixaImpulse Innovation for society

  • CaixaImpulse is a programme that promotes innovation in health sciences

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