RecerCaixa and children

Investigate with RecerCaixa!

The initiative "Investigate with RecerCaixa!", carried out throughout the school year, aims to foster a vocation for science among young people, teamwork and an interest in research at school, as well as raising awareness of some of the research projects underway in Catalonia and the benefits they can bring to social well-being.

  • The activity consists of 5th and 6th year primary school pupils throughout Catalonia carrying out a study related to one of the research projects underway as part of the research of excellence programme, RecerCaixa. These studies are carried out by teams throughout the academic year under the guidance of a teacher from the school and the scientific and technical support of a group of researchers working in the same area as the pupils' study project.

    This initiative gives pupils the chance to get to know, at first-hand, some of the state of the art research carried out in Catalonia today and to bring together children and researchers in direct contact.

    These projects have helped to produce a teaching proposal with a scientific challenge which pupils from each class must investigate throughout the school year. All proposals have been developed bearing in mind the subjects on the curriculum and the age of the pupils the activity is aimed at. The activity is free of charge and priority is given to schools where most of the pupils come from a middle to lower socio-cultural background.


  • The RecerCaixa programme proposes a scientific challenge for you to become investigators.

    We'll help you get to know the world of science and research via a study that must be carried out during the school year with the support of an expert researcher in the field who'll give you and your tutor specialist guidance.

  • This event aims to publicise the results of the research studies carried out by everyone throughout the school year under the guidance of a teacher from their school and the scientific and technical support of a group of researchers currently leading or working on lines of research related to the areas investigated by the pupils, working at universities and research centres in Catalonia. All the researchers taking part in this activity do so voluntarily and have been selected by the research of excellence programme, RecerCaixa.

    This is an innovative initiative as most of the existing programmes in this area are aimed at older students in secondary or baccalaureate education. "Investigate with RecerCaixa!" also provides children and teachers with advice on carrying out a research study and they benefit from a close, personal relationship with the researchers throughout the school year, as well as visiting their places of work and implementing innovative activities and work methodologies in the class that help to improve the pupils' academic performance.