Terms and Conditions for the 2017 RecerCaixa Call for Applications

2017 RecerCaixa

RecerCaixa grants finance research projects carried out by investigators from the universities and research centres of Catalonia.

Call for applications will close on 2nd July 2017.

  • This call for applications has two primary goals: to encourage scientific research of excellence in Catalonia and bring science closer to society, involving citizens in scientific advances and the benefits for humans and society.

    This year the RecerCaixa programme is allocating maximum €1,600,000 to finance projects selected in the 2017 RecerCaixa call for applications.

  • Open to any doctoral researcher on a stable contract with a public or private university or research centre located in Catalonia, or with non-profit organisation that has research as one of its principal missions, based in Catalonia. Joint applications from several institutions are also allowed, presented by researchers from different organisations and also from outside Catalonia if the project leader is living in Catalonia.

    Projects can be leaded by more than one person, as long as they belong to different institutions participating in the same application.

  • Deadlines for presenting projects
    Applications must be made via the RecerCaixa website between 25th April and 2nd July, both inclusive.

    Quantity of financing for projects
    The maximum grant given for projects, including institutional overheads, is €100,000.

    Eligible expenses
    The grant given can be used to meet the following expenses:

    • Operational costs, without any percentage limit.
    • Personnel costs (scholarships and contracts), without any percentage limit.
    • Acquisition of equipment, without any percentage limit.
    • Bonuses paid to the researcher(s) responsible for the project, up to a limit of 10% of the total.

    Terms and conditions for applications (PDF, 494 KB)

  • Humanities and culture

    1. Digital humanities: digital technologies for facilitating universal access to humanistic and cultural knowledge.

    2. Philosophical and ethical thinking in the knowledge society.


    3. Professional training that responds to the new social demands and the professions of the future.

    4. Educational innovation processes and the assessment of their impact and evidence.

    Public policies

    5. How life is organised in urban conglomerations: sustainability, smart cities, energy efficiency and technology-intensive public services aimed at the most needy citizens.

    6. Public health: impact of pollution on public health. Citizen empowerment.

    Social inclusion

    7. Care for the immigrant population, refugees and intercultural management

    8. Gender-based violence.

  • Applications for RecerCaixa in 2017 must be presented by correctly completing the application form provided and also enclosing a report on the project in PDF format. The Annex document includes a model for the project report which can be downloaded from this page. Once the form has been completed and the file attached, this must be sent by clicking on the "Send" button contained on the form page. If all the information is processed satisfactorily, a window will open indicating that your application has been received and a reference number will be printed on the application form.

    Only applications sent online via the above procedure will be accepted. Proposals can be presented in English, Catalan or Spanish.

    RecerCaixa is not liable for any IT problems and the application should therefore be made in good time. Proposals presented outside the deadline will not be considered. Neither can documentation be modified outside the application deadline.

    Application form (PDF, 202 KB)
    Download and save the file (in Catalan only)

    Application annex (DOC, 423 KB) (in Catalan only)

  • If you have any doubts about the 2017 RecerCaixa call for applications you can contact us via the following email address: info@recercaixa.cat or by telephone on 93 581 7141 & 93 581 7217.

    FAQ (PDF, 393 KB) (in Catalan only)

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