We promote research to improve the lives of everyone.


    Today science is a key factor for progress, competitiveness and well-being. Over the last few years Catalonia has improved the science it produces both in terms of quality and also quantity. Now the challenge is to consolidate its teams of investigators and research groups, to create a tradition and reinforce Catalonia's capacity for science. But citizens also need to know the benefits of scientific research and perceive it as both closely related to them and necessary. To ensure that science and society progress side by side, "la Caixa" Foundation, with the collaboration of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), promotes the RecerCaixa programme.

    The call for applications for RecerCaixa research grants is an annual support programme that finances the best research projects by investigators and research groups in Catalonia. It particularly focuses on projects that aim to transform society, ensuring the potential benefits of the research reach citizens, providing solutions to society's problems or producing new scientific knowledge.


    The "la Caixa" Foundation, with the collaboration of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), implements the RecerCaixa programme with the aim of establishing this as a pioneering programme in Catalonia and also supporting research, as well as providing a point of connection between science and citizens.

    The University and Research Grant Management Agency (AGAUR) also collaborates with this initiative by helping to manage the call for applications and the evaluation process, contributing its expertise and professionalism in such areas.


    Since 2010, when the RecerCaixa programme started, we have promoted the best projects by the groups and researchers working in Catalonia, both from public and private universities and also research centres, with a particular emphasis on research into social sciences, an area in which the RecerCaixa programme is now a benchmark.

    The RecerCaixa programme has three specific goals:

    • Help consolidate the research and science carried out in Catalonia.

    • Encourage the development of new projects of scientific excellence which have the potential to transform Catalonia, contributing solutions to society's problems or issues.

    • Involve citizens in the transformation of society towards a country of science and a knowledge-based economy.