We support cardiovascular research

We work with top research institutes to create new, better treatments for illnesses related to the heart and vascular system.

National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC)

Since 2005 we have worked with the National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) to achieve three goals: to integrate basic genetic molecular research and its application to patients, to foster young researchers and to educate society in the importance of cardiovascular health.

As part of this project a pill has been developed to group all three active principals of the medication people who have suffered infarction need to take in a single capsule (Trinomia®).

Spanish Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Society

Since 2013 we have backed the initiative to create the “First report of the Spanish record of adult cardiovascular surgery”, led by the Spanish Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Society, the goal of which is to set up a structure to record and analyse the results of cardiovascular surgery in Spain.

The idea of this is to analyse these results, identify the weak points in surgical processes and bring about an improvement, to reduce mortality rates and improve patients’ welfare.

Girona Biomedical Research Institute

Since 2008 we have worked with the Cardiovascular Genetics Group at the Girona Biomedical Research Institute to study and apply genetics in cardiology. Genetic results can complement clinical tests, which are often insufficient to reach a diagnosis, and personalise treatment options. In this respect, this research is essential to timely detection the presence of cardiovascular disorders.

The object of GenCardio’s research is to add to knowledge of the factors associated with cardiovascular disorders and sudden death and improve tools for diagnosis, prevention and treatment.