Do you have a project you think could highlight the value of art as a driver of change and improvement in our society?

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Line of action

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Art is clearly a driver of change and improvement in society. Art for Change ”la Caixa” sets out to help to run art projects involving active participation by people in situations of vulnerability in order to give them a voice, equal conditions and opportunities and make them visible in society through participation in a creative process.

    From 29 April to 31 May 2019.


    We support facilities, institutions, cultural organisations and artists that wish to carry out art projects that involve people in a vulnerable situation or from a specific environment or district, with the aim of helping to transform society. At the same time as fostering aspects of personal development, we can also help these groups to become involved in creative art projects that contribute to the regeneration of local districts and communities and enhance social harmony.

    You can access the private area to start and manage applications for any calls you're interested in via the Application Portal


    1. Promotion of activities related to the plastic arts, photography, music, literature and stage arts as a resource for personal development and social inclusion.

    2. Encouraging the active role of participating groups and professionals from the world of culture in activities of a social nature.

Register and certifications

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To present a project, the facility, institution, cultural organisation or artist applying must certify their identity via the Application Portal.

- Already certified facilities, institutions, cultural organisations and artists from previous years still need to confirm their information via the Portal in 2019. It's important to ensure all the information and all the documents are up-to-date at the time the application is presented.

- Non-certified facilities, institutions, cultural organisations and artists: certification is carried out via the application, where you'll be given your access code (username and password).

There's a guide for presenting project applications, available in the “Documentation” section of the Application Portal, as well as on the ”la Caixa” Foundation website in the “Calls for Applications” section.

Project presentation

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Projects are presented via the Application Portal using the username and password obtained during the certification process. Projects are presented by filling out all the information fields in the different tabs of the project presentation form and complementary documentation.