Line of action

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Given the current situation of the job market, with huge youth and long-term unemployment rates, one priority is to help people find work and to improve their employability, especially those in the most vulnerable situations in society. This call for applications aims to promote projects of socio-occupational insertion for people with a disability or in a vulnerable situation in society.

    From 30 March to 21 May 2020, at 23.59 a.m.
    Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline for submitting projects for this call has been extended to 21 May.


    The aim of this call for applications is to support occupational insertion and improve the employability of the most vulnerable by promoting projects aimed at young people, those with a physical disability or mental disorder and people at risk of social exclusion, focusing on enhancing their skills and abilities in line with the needs of the region's businesses to improve their chances of finding employment.


    1. Training to improve employability.

    2. Promoting self-employability and empowering vulnerable groups.

    3. Support for job placement companies and Special Employment Centres.


    75% of the cost of the project:

    Up to €40,000 for projects presented by a single organisation.

    Up to €60,000 for projects projects presented jointly and via a partnership comprising two or more organisations.

Certifications and project presentation

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    To present a project, the applicant organisation needs to certify its eligibility via the Applications Portal.


    • Organisations certified in previous years will need to update their information on the Portal in 2020. It's important for organisations to ensure all the information and all documents are up-to-date at the time of submitting their application.

    • For organisations not already certified, certification is carried out via the application, which also provides access details (username and password).

    There's a guide for presenting project applications, available on the Application Portal in the “Documentation” section, as well as on the ”la Caixa” Foundation website in the “Calls for Applications” section.


    Access to the application form is activated once the call is open and the application can be modified until the call is closed. 

    To improve the application process, we have created a Guide (PDF, 661 Kb) (in Spanish), which is also available on the Application Portal in the documentation section’.

    If you have any doubts, please contact: