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Rural societies are more open to the globalised world and are undergoing an economic revival in line with society's new demands. At the same time the density, age and demographic trend of their populations, as well as a lower implementation of new technologies, provide them with specific conditions that present challenges to the quality of life and equal opportunities of those living in such environments.
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    From 30 April to 21 May 2018.


    75% of the cost of the project:

    Up to €40,000 for projects presented by a single organisation.

    Up to €60,000 for projects presented jointly and via a partnership made up of two or more organisations, or organisations merged within the last five years.

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    We promote projects adapted to the specific characteristics and psychosocial needs of children, young people, women, the elderly, people with disabilities or mental illness, and people at risk of poverty or social exclusion living in rural areas.

    You can access the private area to apply and also manage any applications for subsidies you're interested in via the applications website.

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    1. Promoting independence and attending to ageing, disability and dependence.

    2. Fighting child poverty and social exclusion.

    3. Socio-occupational insertion.

    4. Social cohesion and interculturalism.