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We continue to support employment integration

So that everyone can have the same opportunities and can find employment.

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    At "la Caixa" Foundation we believe the progress of a society is measured by the equality of employment opportunities it offers. That's why we promote programmes and initiatives aimed at helping those with difficulty in finding a job or at risk of being marginalised from society.

    • We act as a bridge between social organisations and companies.

    • We help to raise awareness and actively seek opportunities for employment.

    • We encourage corporate social responsibility among companies.

    • We provide training for job developers.


    Groups with difficulty in accessing the usual channels to find employment.

    Socially responsible companies.


    We provide companies with the following, at no cost to them:

    • Advice on tax credits and rebates

    • Selecting professional profiles

    • Design and application of personalised insertion itineraries

    • Guidance for the worker while adapting to the job

    We provide social organisations with the following:

    • Training in occupational insertion

    • Conceptual framework and shared methodology

    • Strategies to approach and collaborate with the business world

    We offer beneficiaries:

    • Guidance and monitoring for employment contracts

    • Training via the Incorpora Training Points

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  • 28,016 new jobs created for the most disadvantaged groups in 2016

  • More than 9,514 partner companies throughout Spain

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Alma, la red social social

miércoles, 25 jul. 2018

El mundo gira a 33 revoluciones por minuto

La música puede cambiar el mundo. Y el concierto solidario que Antonio José dará en el Festival de Cap Roig el 13 de agosto hará realidad talleres de ocupación laboral para personas con problemáticas de salud mental.