Interculturalism: a reality, a challenge

We work to improve relations between people from different cultures and to foster social harmony and cohesion.


    We act throughout Spain in zones with great cultural diversity with the aim of producing a model of social intervention that serves to encourage intercultural harmony among citizens, improve the population's living conditions and create a more cohesive society.


    Local public administrations, social organisations, professionals and citizens.

    Social harmony and cohesion is a challenge posed by today's society that involves us all.


    • The Intercultural Community Intervention Project fosters interaction and social harmony in zones with considerable cultural diversity. It is implemented in 39 areas with great cultural diversity throughout Spain. It is promoted by "la Caixa" Foundation in collaboration with local government and leading social organisations in the zone in question. This project is a model of social intervention that can be rolled out to other neighbourhoods and towns.

    • The Course on intercultural skills aimed at healthcare workers is in response to the challenge represented by the gradual increase in interculturalism among users of healthcare services, providing the knowledge and tools required to understand and duly attend to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

    • We promote intercultural mediation in the area of health as an effective means of improving communication between professionals and users from a range of cultural backgrounds.

    • We help to carry out social action and interculturalism projects through our Programme of Subsidies to Social Entities for social organisations.

  • 5.370 activities carried out. *Cumulative data, December 2015

  • 515.214 people participants

Alma, la red social social

viernes, 26 ene. 2018

La lección de las mandarinas

La fruta, como la cultura de cada uno, se tiene que compartir. Esto y más aprendieron niños de la Asociación Educativa Ítaca de L’Hospitalet en un Master Chef especial que se montó dentro del proyecto ICI.