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Together for social harmony

We unite our efforts to foster social harmony and cohesion by involving local government, professionals and citizens.

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    The Intercultural Community Intervention Project encourages social interaction and harmony in zones with great cultural diversity to create a more cohesive society

    Our aim is to produce a model of social intervention that can be applied to the different locations where we operate and that helps to promote intercultural harmony in society, improving the living conditions of the whole population. 

    To achieve this, we promote a new way of working in society based on the resources available in each zone and involving the whole community in its development:

    • Working through education and community health.

    • Promoting processes that foster local development and improving the living conditions of the whole population.

    • Ensuring the whole of society can take advantage of opportunities and overcome the challenges and problems inherent in the new situation.

    • Preventing and reversing situations of social conflict in favour of intercultural harmony among citizens.

    We work in collaboration with the public administration, both at a local and state level, and with social organisations in the different zones to ensure this project becomes a model that can be rolled out to other neighbourhoods and towns.


    Local government, social organisations, professionals and citizens. All society benefits from greater social cohesion. That's why this project aims to involve all of them, so we all work towards improving social harmony.


    Through interdisciplinary teams related to social organisations, preventative and promotional work is carried out of an integrating nature, with the real goal of changing situations and, ultimately, of transformation, leading us to promote open processes that involve both citizens and institutions.

    Action is primarily carried out via the three basic pillars in a community:



    Citizen relations 


    Actions in these three areas emphasise work with children, young people and families. Moreover, together with social organisations, we create alliances with local public administrations, a formula that enhances the initial model with a diversity of situations, circumstances and experiences.


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Alma, la red social social

lunes, 22 jul. 2019

La salud también es compartir

Asistimos a la fiesta de cierre del III Ciclo “Gaudir millora la salut!”, una iniciativa que está consiguiendo que los vecinos de Collblanc-la Torrassa creen buenos hábitos de salud y vínculos con su comunidad.

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  • 39 zones of intervention

  • 31 municipalities

  • 5.370 activities carried out. *Cumulative data, December 2015