We assist the future of the elderly

We work to ensure people can age with dignity and quality of life.


    We work to improve the quality of life of the elderly by promoting Active Ageing (AA) programmes with particular attention on more vulnerable people. Active Ageing policies are considered to be ideal for tackling an ageing population and for approaching this phenomenon as an opportunity and challenge that involves the whole of society.

    Active Ageing is based on the fact that older people are active contributors as well as beneficiaries of society's development and the aim is therefore not to cover their needs but to recognise their involvement in society, ensure they enjoy equal rights and that their concerns are met.

    For this reason the "la Caixa" Foundation works to assist the elderly in their lives, taking the following into account:

    • The different dimensions of their lives: their health, physical and mental activity and their family and sentimental ties.

    • The individual conditions of each person: their level of education or professional experience, among other aspects.

    Taking all these aspects into account, we design a programme of activities and experiences with the following aims:

    • Promote social relations, quality of life and prevention of unwanted situations.

    • Reduce vulnerability and the risk of marginalisation.

    • Encourage the transfer of knowledge and innovation. 


    For all older people, especially those in a vulnerable situation or at risk of becoming marginalised from society.


    We promote the active involvement of the elderly, improve their quality of life and avoid their isolation through activities, courses and workshops carried out at our own 63 centres and 546 other centres for the elderly that collaborate with the "la Caixa" Foundation.

    The projects are divided into different areas of action:

    • Health and Involvement: we offer tools and knowledge that help to delay the effects of ageing, preserve personal independence and improve well-being.

    • Taking part in society and Volunteering: we encourage the elderly to get involved and relate to society within their local setting.

    • Computing and communication:  we design training activities in Information Technologies (ICTs) so they can benefit from online resources available for the elderly at the same time as helping them use technology to become more involved in today's society.

    • Personal development or life cycle. Living well, feeling better: we share knowledge, techniques and psycho-emotional skills that help to:

    • Promote the values of dignity and independence throughout the ageing process

    • Promote knowledge and the application of strategies that contribute to personal growth and development

    • Encourage reflection on meaningful, valuable success stories to help develop people's lives

    And all this guided by the values of dignity, humanism and solidarity. 

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lunes, 24 Abr. 2018

La lección de los pájaros por Aida Folch


Hay un poema de Miquel Martí i Pol que dice “La belleza es un pájaro que se nos muere en las manos”. Al final lo que te queda es tu cabeza, tu cultura, lo que hayas hecho con tu vida. Y eso es precisamente lo que podemos aprender de los mayores.

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