We promote local volunteering projects

Depending on the specific circumstances of each area, volunteer projects are established in collaboration with local organisations and agents so that our elderly can feel they are still useful and actively involved in society.

The aim of local action initiatives is to support the ideas of the elderly at "la Caixa" Foundation network of centres so volunteers themselves can promote a project in line with their own particular interests.

To be able to carry out a project this must be an initiative of the volunteers themselves, must involve groups or organisations from the neighbourhood or town and have a pre-established fixed duration.

The areas in which such local actions work are as follows:

  • Immigration.

  • Health and vulnerability.

  • Social exclusion.

  • Education, culture and values.

  • Environment and surroundings.

  • Intergenerational collaboration.


The "la Caixa" Foundation supports these projects as well as offering specific training that meets the particular needs of each project.

In the last few years a large number of initiatives have been implemented thanks to proactive and enthusiastic older citizens:

  • "School success": an intergenerational activity where the elderly help to reinforce children's school work.

  • "City allotments": a project in which we've supported the granting of urban plots of land which can be used to grow food, thereby helping to raise awareness of the environment and also enhance learning.

  • "CiberCaixas supporting the disabled": a project in which volunteer associations provide help for groups that, like this one, have special requirements.

  • "Games of now and then": an activity that revives traditional games and teaches them to children.

  • "Neighbourhood stories": a project to enhance historical memory by gathering together and reconstructing how the area has changed, later presented at educational centres.


In addition to these projects, volunteers have also carried out a large number of activities to support vulnerable people such as helping immigrant children with their school work and visiting old people's homes, among many others.