We help the elderly and children to work together on the values of social harmony

Intergenerational relations are necessary to foster links between people of different ages and for their mutual enrichment; and ICTs are a useful tool for such interaction.

During the summer and Christmas holidays, taking advantage of the fact that children aren't at school, volunteers offer a workshop on the importance of volunteering and activities to help society, combining the use of new technologies with other kinds of activities and group dynamics.

The virtual platform developed by "la Caixa" Foundation has a great deal of content and pedagogical material, as well as a training video and guide for activity leaders.

This helps the elderly and children to use new technologies to work together on a range of subjects:

  • Solidarity and volunteering.

  • A healthy life.

  • Good manners.

  • Diversity, respect and tolerance.

  • Diversity and multicultural issues.

  • Responsible consumption.

  • Sustainability.

To ensure older volunteers can carry out this activity without any problem, beforehand they take a two-hour training course, offering the following:

  • Theoretical training on how the intergenerational activity platform works and its content.

  • Practical work with the platform to get to know the different options it offers.

  • Support to define and choose the preferred itinerary

If necessary, local coordinators can also give support in areas such as:

  • Helping to find students to carry out intergenerational activities.

  • Contacting schools, associations and cultural centres in the area, taking advantage of contacts established in the social action programme.

  • As a sign of support, visiting volunteers carrying out the activity a few days before the students arrive.

  • Meetings to assess the activity