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Preventing situations of loneliness and isolation

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    Ageing population: Overall figures

    • According to data from the Spanish Statistics Institute (INE), there are 8,221,047 elderly people in Spain, representing 17.4% of the total population, and even more importantly 5.3% of the whole population are octogenarians. These are current figures that reveal a trend in the population pyramid: a growing elderly population and a shrinking young population.


    Situations of Risk:

    • Unwanted loneliness and isolation from society tend to be associated with the elderly as this period of life often entails loss as people get older. Another aspect is the impact of the current socioeconomic crisis.



    Aimed at elderly people potentially at risk from unwanted loneliness and isolation from society.


    The "Always Supported" programme aims to detect and prevent situations of loneliness and isolation among the elderly as a result of the people themselves, their social network, environment and/or cultural background. By involving citizens in preventative and transforming actions, active ageing is promoted to improve the quality of life of the elderly based on a participative and comprehensive model of social intervention that acts across the board.


    This pilot programme is currently implemented at the following centres:

    • Girona: With 14,140 elderly people, 14.5% of the population

    • Tortosa: With 6,587 elderly people, 19.4% of the population

    • Terrassa: With 34,038 elderly people, 15.7% of the population

    *Data from IDESCAT (2014)


    The "la Caixa" Foundation and the Red Cross are leading this programme to ensure its constancy and durability:

    • Local organisations: Councils, Social Services and Health Departments.

    • Organisations: NGOs, Associations and Homes.

    • Community: Districts, Neighbours and Establishments.


    Through the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation, the Red Cross and the councils of Terrassa, Tortosa and Girona, we promote the programme among the different local organisations and communities, shops and other establishments using awareness-raising campaigns to create a network of direct community action as a means of detecting possible situations of risk in the area or neighbourhood.

    Once such cases have been detected among the elderly, the different organisations and the community get in touch with those responsible for social action. Cases are referred in order to improve links, prevent such situations from occurring and ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable older people via the activities offered by the collaborating organisations.

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Alma, la red social social

martes, 5 feb. 2019

La isla invencible

A sus 75 años, Mari Cruz no teme a la soledad: más bien es la soledad quien la teme a ella, porque no puede vencerla. Gracias al programa Siempre Acompañados, ha decidido explorar todo aquello que esta nueva época de la vida le puede ofrecer.