Line of action

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At present it's crucial to combat poverty and social exclusion by encouraging personal empowerment and reinforcing families as the focus of attention. With this call for applications our aim is to encourage projects that foster the promotion and comprehensive development of people in poverty or in a vulnerable situation in society.
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    From 2 February to 22 February, 2017.

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    75% of the cost of the project:

    Up to €40,000 for projects presented by a single organisation.

    Up to €60,000 for projects presented jointly and via a partnership made up of two or more organisations, or organisations merged within the last five years.


    We promote projects that foster the complete development and social inclusion of people in poverty and vulnerable social situations, enabling projects that enhance their skills, favour equal opportunities and strengthen support networks.

    You can access the private area to apply and also manage any applications for subsidies you're interested in via the applications website.


    1. Social and educational development of children and young people in poverty and their families.

    2. Attending to basic needs.

    3. Promoting social inclusion and preventing different forms of marginalisation.

Register and certifications

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To present a project, the applicant organisation needs to certify its eligibility on the applications website.

- Organisations already certified: need to verify and validate the registration documentation contained in the application.

- Organisations not already certified: certification is carried out via the applications website where you will be given your access code (username and password).

Project presentation

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Projects are presented via the applications website using the username and password obtained during certification. The project is presented by completing all the fields for information in the different tabs of the website application and enclosing the project presentation form provided by the application and the complementary documentation.